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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Thought Bubble 2014

Thank you very much to everyone we saw at Thought Bubble over the weekend! I had a really good time and I’m excited about making new comics.

Sarah Fogg and I made a comic on the way home about something funny which actually happened on Sunday. :’)

I have a table this weekend at Birmingham MCM Comic Con. Sarah wont be there this time - but I will have some copies of the latest issue of What’s The Time Mrs. Woolf? You’ll be able to find table A8 in the Comic Village - there should be a map in the show guide. I will have free mini comics to hand out - the secret password is ‘Do you have a business card?’

If you can’t get to events you can order most of the items on the table from on Sarah’s Etsy Shop or my Etsy Shop.

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