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Friday, 27 May 2011

Webcomics return

In my 1st year of university I decided to start creating webcomics because a lot of my modules could not be responded to by creating a comic and it was a good way to get feed back from others who create comics. I've really enjoyed posting several different styles and story telling techniques. I had taken a break to finish my Final Major Project but I now have a new story to post over about 6 weeks. Instant Comics can be found online here.

The story is about a sleep walking experience I had very recently. I don't think I have sleep walked before and I was surprised how much of the dream I remembered so I decided I wanted to try telling the account in the form of a comic. You can find the start of Moth Eyes: A True Story here.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Best Day Ever, Cat and Mouse

I'm getting a new cover on the 4th print run of one of my comics. Best Day Ever was a weekly webcomic I worked on around a year ago. You can still read it online or buy it from my Etsy Shop.

I'd really love to do more with these homage characters Mouse and Cat. It would give me a change to do some semi-biographical comics without directly drawing myself. People seem to really enjoy the references that come up when I draw them. If you are the same age as me you might spot the Digimon the Movie references in this one. (or to the film Summer Wars if you aren't from that specific generation. I'm a big fan of Mamoru Hosoda's work.)

Monday, 16 May 2011

Bristol SP Expo 2011

Inspired Comics had a table at Bristol Small Press Expo this year. We've been taking anthologies to comics events since 2008 and we had a good selection of new books this time. I took Best Day Ever, Giant Rhinos In Space Dummy Books and Alien Rendez-Vous. Thank you to anyone who bought stuff from the table at the weekend

I'm selling a limited amount of these Giant Rhinos In Space Dummy Books because I printed more than I needed for university. The book contains chapter 1 of a graphic novel length story and character sheets and development work in the back. Each book comes with a sketch and available online here.