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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

How To Draw Misc Fits, Scotland MCM and Laydeez Do Comics

Hi everyone! I had a absolutely amazing time at Scotland MCM Comic Con. I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the lovely people who came by my table over the weekend - I had such a great time and I’m happy that sales were good enough to travel to the event again next year.

I have 2 events this week to tell you about ...

I’m doing a presentation at Laydeez Do Comics Birmingham at 7.30-9.30 on Thursday 1st October at the Green Room Cafe (it’s opposite the Hippodrome, not far from New Street station). I’ll be mostly talking about the creation of Misc Fits and I’ll take along some of the original comic pages for you to look through. Jess Bradley, Joe Krawec and Dori Kirchmair will also be doing presentations - more information on the LDC website.

Then on Saturday 3rd October 2015 I’m heading down to the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair - The event is FREE ENTRY! I only have a half table at this show so I  will only be able to take comics and small merchandise such as plectrums and badges. If you were hoping to pick up a poster or a specific ink drawing (I have some listed on Etsy) give me a message and I’ll bring them along for you.

More autumn events are listed in the blog sidebar - and if you can’t make it to Bristol, London or Leeds, I have an Etsy shop were you can order online. I’m hoping I can confirm a table at Birmingham MCM Comic Con over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Misc Fits @ Comic Con

I’m taking my comics up to Scotland MCM Comic Con for the first time this weekend - 26th-27th September at The SECC, Glasgow.

My table is CF1 in the Comic Village - so I should be on the end of one of the rows - there will be maps available online, in the show guide (click here!) and hopefully around the room. There is usually a handy ceiling banner hanging above the Comic Village and it looks like the section will be roughly in the middle of the convention hall. 

I always take free mini comics to hand out at events - I have a secret password in case I get carried away chatting or the table is busy and I miss handing you one - you just need to casually ask ‘do you have a business card?’ and you’ll get given a whole comic!

Misc Fits: The Sea Apple will be available to buy in bright full colour print format! (If you would like to see the characters on merchandise please let me know and I’ll try sorting something for some of the later events.)

I’m taking a folder of original pages and illustrations. They are individually priced ranging from £10-£30 depending on paper size and how complicated they are. I have a couple of Giant Rhinos In Space illustrations, portraits from That Music Zine and all the Misc Fits comic pages and The Sea Apple cover spread.

I’m also going to have a new bundle deal available at the show - all 3 issues of Giant Rhinos In Space plus a poster for £10 - that saves you money on comics and knocks the poster price down to £2.50 - half price!

For a up to date list of events please see the blog sidebar - thanks hopefully I’ll see you there! (just in case I can’t see you there - I have a online Etsy shop)

Monday, 7 September 2015

ICE and Moseley Folk Festival 2015

I had a table at ICE (International Comic Expo) in Birmingham on Saturday and I also helped out at Moseley Folk Festival over the weekend. Unfortunately the busy Friday meant I opened my suitcase on Saturday morning to find I hadn't packed any copies of Giant Rhinos In Space #3 - I'm really sorry for the inconvenience and I will be posting them out to people who bought bundles later today. I had a lot of fun sharing the table with Laura Watton/PinkAppleJam - thank you to everyone who came by to chat about pens and comics!!

My next event will be Scotland MCM Comic Con in Glasgow - I don't have the details of my table location yet, but it will be somewhere in the Comic Village. My friends have told me good things about this show so I'm really excited to take my comics to Scotland for the first time. I have a up to date list of events in the sidebar - if you can't make it to any I also have an Etsy shop with comics and original drawings for sale. Thank you! 

I also took my gig sketch book along to the folk festival and did some drawing in my free time - please visit my music blog on tumblr for more photos, videos and information about the bands. (There are more gig sketches from this year using the tumblr tag 'gig sketches'.)