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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

That Music Zine and Thought Bubble 2016

Thank you so much to everyone at Thought Bubble over the weekend! Special thanks to John Riordan for inviting me to be on the Sound & Vision music comics panel. (little clip here) It was really lovely to spend the rest of the weekend chatting about music with people at the table - Thank you so much for coming by! I had a great time with my table neighbours Ink & Booze and Good Comics. (If you're into music comics, you should check out their Dead Singers Society zine)

I launched That Music Zine Autumn 2016 at Thought Bubble - Click here for Etsy Listing!

Gig sketches, illustrations & comics!

Featuring Kate Tempest, Alimony Hustle, Okinawa Picture Show, Dutch Uncles, Sonic The Comic, Frank, Colleen Green, Peace, Gaz Coombes, Stephen Steinbrink, Quarterback, Girlpool, Welcome To Night Vale, Courtney Barnett, Hooton Tennis Club, Soley,  John Grant, Villagers, Nada Film, Kiran Leonard, Irma Vep, OPS, Yr Poetry, The Lovely Eggs, Nim Chimpsky, Otoboke Beaver, Tuff Love, Chastity Belt, Hana, Grimes, Ekkah, The Subways, The Mystery Jets, The Charlatans, Emma McGann, Exhailers, Frank, Nachthexen, Martha, Goosebump Baby, The Jelas, Trustfund, Joyce Delaney, Crywank and The Tuts

Printed by Elyse & Reece from Rope Press

A4 staple bound zine (210x297mm/8.3x11.7inches)
24 Interior pages (risograph - black ink)
Double sided cover (risograph - purple and fluorescent pink ink)

Thank you! The last event of the year will be Birmingham MCM Comic Con - 19th-20th November at the NEC. I'll be in the Comic Village with a full table. Sorry I don't have the table number and map just yet - but I'll post the info on my Twitter when it's available. Thanks! See you there!

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