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Friday, 2 September 2016

Drink, Draw & Catch Em All

I invited some friends over to Fargo Village to draw and play Pokemon Go together. It was a lot of fun. Here are the prompts for anyone who would like to try them ...

Pokemon Drawing Prompts
  • Pokemon from memory (pull a name at random)
  • Draw yourself as a gym leader
  • Draw yourself as a Pokemon trainer
  • Fan-design your fave Pokemon in new Alola Forms
  • Fan-design your fave Pokemon as a Mega Evolution
  • Design a Pokemon Gijinka character (humanoid interpretation)
  • Fan-design a more majestic Dragon/Grass duel type Pokemon than long neck Exeggutor
  • Design your own ‘Pokemon Fusion’ (usually the face of one Pokemon, on the body of another)
 Drawing examples by Zee & GeenieJay

It's nearly convention season again! I convinced Sarah Fogg to team up with me again and bring some things from her Etsy Shop to ICE International Comic Expo next Saturday! I can also confirm a table at Birmingham MCM Comic Con in November.

BIRMINGHAM | ICE International Comics Expo | 10th September 2016
GLASGOW | Scotland MCM Comic Con | 24th-25th September 2016
BRISTOL | Bristol Comic & Zine Fair | 1st October 2016
LONDON | London MCM Comic Con | 28th-30th October 2016
LEEDS | Thought Bubble (New Dock Hall) | 5th-6th November 2016
BIRMINGHAM | - Birmingham MCM Comic Con | 19th-20th November 2016

Please don't forget it's Laydeez Do Comics Birmingham on Monday 5th September - the event has moved back to the Green Room for better wheel chair access.

See you there?!

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