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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Inktober 2 of 3

I was busy preparing things for a comic event so I wasn't ble to colour any of the next set of Inktober Illustrations.

11/11/13 On Behalf Of The Moon Or Whatever characters by Sarah Fogg from Children Of The Night

12/11/13 Richmond and Moss from The IT Crowd

 13/11/13 Wayne and Kerry from Giant Rhinos In Space
 14/11/13 Janis and Damien from Mean Girls

15/11/13 Mordecai and Rigby (plus Benson and Pops) from Regular Show
16/11/13 PJ Harvey

 17/11/13 Team Rocket from Pokemon

18/11/13 Original characters Charlotte and Alex from Best Day Ever
19/11/13 Unnamed new characters designs

20/11/13 Legolas and Gimli from the Lord Of The Rings films

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