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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Inktober 3 of 3

I finished the Inktober challenge today. These are the last 11 illustrations from the set. It was a lot of fun drawing lots of my favourite characters.

21/11/13 Pip and Steve from Giant Rhinos In Space
22/11/13 Mike and Sulley from Monsters University 

23/11/13 Sweet Pea, character by Sarah Fogg

24/11/13 Ted and Tim from Children Of The Night

Inktober 25/11/13 Chloe and Zoe from Chloe Noonan Monster Hunter

26/11/13 Carl from Giant Rhinos
27/11/13Mel and Sue from The Great British Bake Off

28/11/13 Sam and Phil from The Wrong Mans

29/11/13 Dead Cats Of Plum Street

30/11/13 Crystal Gems from Steven Universe

31/11/13 Unnamed new characters designs

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